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Tia Sonia has a tasty story to tell you

Tia Sônia is a family business and made of employees who believe that happy people produce healthy food. Our ethics is dedicated to the growth of the team in a workplace where we always apply our motto ...

It makes you even happier!

Yes, she is real! <br /> Tia Sônia is a dedicated and careful mother.

Yes, she is real!
Tia Sônia is a dedicated and careful mother.

The famous recipe for homemade granola was created for Marcos, her son, to take it for his trip on the trails of Machu Picchu. In this journey, the granola was shared among his friends, who began to encourage the sale of the product. Marcos took responsibility for the launch and, made the first recipe for sale with his mother. He packed into pots and ran after the clientele. It couldn’t be any different: the first consumers were his friends!

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About us
When her youngest son, Marcos, decided to trek the famous Machu Picchu trails in Peru, Mrs. Sônia worried about food and put into practice the recipe for homemade granola she used to make from time to time.
Like every mother who praises herself, Mrs. Sônia is careful and protective. So, she ended up overdoing the quantity and producing no less than 6 pounds of the product.
Since it was a lot of weight, Marcos shared some of the granola among his local friends, who tasted it and approved the product. On the way back from the tour, some of Marcos's friends, especially André and Edson, insisted on asking for Tia Sonia's granola. Marcos replied, "My mother only makes granola from time to time." Until, while in a chat with these friends, André insisted that Marcos would make that for selling. That was the moment when Granola Tia Sônia - that we know today - was created.
Determined to turn it into a commercial product, Marcos borrowed R$40,00 from his own mother to buy the ingredients, asked Mrs Sônia to make her first recipe, which was packed in 200g plastic cups, and he run after the clientele. The first consumers were his closest friends, then the small grocery shops in the area. From there to todays, there is a lot of stories ...
The care with the production, the criterion in the choice of suppliers and the affection of Tia Sônia made the business succeed, leaving the kitchen to a garage and from there to a factory of its own. Today, more than 20 years later, Tia Sônia is a quality brand with more than 80 healthy and natural food products.



Trip to Machu Picchu. That’s how everything started.


First steps - Production in begins on Mrs. Sônia’s garage, and the first package for the granola was created.


Tia Sônia gets her first logo and changes its package.


From kitchen to the factory. Mrs. Sônia watches production thoroughly.


Tia Sonia does not stop innovating. New packaging for granola and launch of a whole line of product.


Tia Sônia renovation: new brand and new packaging.


The company grows and begins to increase the range of products. Launch of the first cereal bar.


Tia Sônia innovates once again: time to update the logo.


Launch of new granola flavors. That first granola of the trail of Machu Picchu was not enough.


The need of getting out of the ordinary was coming up. Then, there was the launch of the Sublime line. It was a success in sales.


Updates could not stop! New packing for the original granola.


We closed the year with more colors and also, with great news.


In search of transparency, the certification seals for Organic USDA and Vegan were obtained.