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For Tia Sonia, it would be incoherent to have healthy products without maintaining a healthy relationship with society, sport and the environment. For this reason, social responsibility has been part of the company since its inception.
Member of the ABRINQ Foundation, Alimentos Tia Sônia maintains and supports other diverse socio-educational and environmental projects. And it is part of the team of companies that believe in the development of the human being through education and sport, and is dedicated to projects that aim to train young people aware of their role in society. It also encourages athletes who seek to contribute positively in the environment where they are inserted.
The employees, opportunities and organizational environment of the company are included in the principles of healthy relationship with the environment in which we live.



The company also cares about the society in which it was born. It maintains the project Meu Bairro (My neighborhood – in a free translation into English), which strengthens the bonds among family, school, company and community. In such wise, it allows opportunity to educative experiences, awakening ethical values in the students. In the project, children from 7 to 12 years old take classes in music, sports, environmental education and citizenship.