6 reasons to insert Granola in food

Rich in nutrients and packed with lots of flavor, granola is made up of a mixture of good carbohydrates, vitamins and fats that helps in the proper functioning of the body and can be inserted through various forms in the diet. Consumed with milk, yogurt, ice cream, fruit, in cereal bars, with açaí and even on its own, this multifunctional food is highlighted in the nutritional menus of anyone who wants to follow - or already follows - a healthy life style.
Nutritionist Thaise Costa, from Tia Sônia - brand of granola and products aimed at healthy and natural food - explains the properties of the food and the benefits it can bring to health, through a list of 6 reasons to consume it. Check out:

Reason # 1: Crunchy delights that fool the Mind:
The crunchiness of the granola makes it possible to trick the brain to replace the urge to eat the industrialized snacks that are normally loaded with sodium and lipids. "When that appetite strikes, the tip is to eat a portion of granola that can be combined with another crunchy food. Tia Sonia, for example, has Tapioca Crunchy that contains low sodium content and when combined with granola, it allows an explosion of flavor and nutrition! "Says Thaise.

Reason # 2: Easy storage:
"Storing granola without it oxidizing, simply insert it in well closed pots, without much light or moisture," explains the nutritionist. Since it is an easy to carry food, the tip is to put granola in pots to consume during the day or buy 30gr packs, like the ones that Tia Sônia offers, that are practical and easy to consume.

Reason # 3: Food that helps weight loss:
For containing fiber in its composition, granola acts in the body by bringing the feeling of satiety to the body, helping on avoiding the urge to eat food. "It is important to know how to choose the right granola for you, because some contain a lot of sugar and instead of helping the process of slimming, they will only disrupt it. In the market you find low-carb, light and gluten-free options that can be consumed as long as they are adequate for your energy needs" explains the nutritionist.

Reason # 4: Effortlessly regulated intestine:
In addition to satiety to the body, the fibers are responsible for the proper functioning of the intestine, so a balanced diet that contains portions of fibers in the right amount allows the intestine to work daily, avoiding bloating and constipation. Attention, proper water intake is important.

Reason # 5: Healthy Heart:
And the benefits of fiber do not stop there! They also help in heart health and remove bad cholesterol and fats from the arteries, ensuring a good performance of one of the most important organs of the body.

Reason # 6: Various consumption options:
"Finally, granola is a super versatile food that allows for various combinations. However, care should be taken not to consume it with foods rich in sugar or sodium, as this will invalidate all benefits mentioned above", she concludes.

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