Peanut Paste: Origin and Benefits

In the United States, the year of 1929 was marked by the Great Depression, an economic crisis that haunted the nation until the end of World War II, limiting food resources. Therefore, peanut butter was seen as a solution to feed children and promote satiety. However, traditional versions often involve sugar and other ingredients that harm health.
In short, peanuts are rich in good fats, which help in the regulation of cholesterol. "Fat is important for body temperature control, hormone synthesis and energy source, but we need to know its sources, avoiding industrialized products and always looking for the natural fat in foods," warns Nutritionist Lidiane Santana, who attends in Rio de Janeiro.
Weight control diets are favored by macronutrients that comes from peanuts. "Peanut paste helps moderation in appetite and weight management. It is suitable for those who want to stay in shape because the large amount of fiber and protein in their composition is essential to regulate appetite and decrease calorie intake.” says nutritionist Thaise Costa, from Tia Sônia.
In this way, peanuts are a good source of energy, containing magnesium, a key micronutrient for strengthening bones. In addition, the nuts is a source of vitamins and minerals. "Because it is rich in potassium, it also helps improving muscle function, preventing cramps and promoting muscles relaxation," says Thaise, another nutrient is vitamin B6, which acts on immunity. A portion of 30 grams corresponds to 17% of the daily required ingestion of magnesium. For potassium and vitamin B6, 15% and 10%, respectively.
But it is necessary to take some care regarding the intake due to the energy value. The versions that contain only the roasted and ground peanuts in the formula, offer 90 calories to each tablespoon (15 grams). Therefore, you must regulate the quantities and ensure the benefits. According to Thaise, controlled daily consumption can help prevent some diseases. "Research shows that daily consumption of peanut butter aids in the prevention not only of diabetes, but also of heart and chronic diseases." Meanwhile, Lidiane points to healthier processes, indicating the stone mill as the best method of production.
In Brazil, several brands have their versions of peanut pastes, creating different flavors and textures. At Tia Sônia, there are mixtures of the ingredient with coconut oil and coconut sugar or Himalayan salt.

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Source: revistacasaejardim.globo.com