Granola: What's the use?

Morning cereal maker Will Keith Kellogg is the creator of the commercial term Granola.
  According to the Oxford English Dictionary its original formula consisted of a mixture of wheat, oats and corn flour. Currently it is made up of a combination of oats, nuts and dried fruits toasted with brown sugar or honey.
  In recent years the product has been gaining more space in the supermarket shelves and in the shopping list of the population, especially in Brazil.
Granola can be easily transported and remains fresh for a long time if it is wrapped in a place free of moisture. But, what is granola for?
The nutritional composition and benefits of granola vary depending on the ingredients that are used in the recipe, but in general, it is a nutritious food that offers a lot of energy for the eaters and, mainly, very practical.
When made with balanced ingredients, the benefits of granola are numerous for health. However you have to be aware of its composition. Depending on the type of fat in the food added to the recipe and the amount of sugar it can become an enemy to health and diet.
  It brings together large amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats important for the proper functioning of the body, especially the heart and intestine, as well as other nutrients that promote several health benefits.
  For being good, granola needs to contain fiber in abundance, and be low in calories and sugars.
The whole grains which granola is made of are rich sources of soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fibers dissolve in contact with liquids and, in this process, they become a gel, which causes the sensation of satiety, improves the flow of the intestinal transit, contributes to the digestion and helps in the control of diseases like diabetes.
The insoluble fibers act mainly in the intestinal flow, because they act like sponges that absorb the liquids and increase their volume. They are important because they increase the fecal cake and stimulate the functioning of the intestine, which prevents the development of diseases such as constipation.
Where to buy granola?
It is possible to buy granola and various natural products at Emporio Tia Sônia, in addition to more than 5,000 establishments throughout the country.